Share Your Financial Goals with Us

No matter your end game, we have the savings account for you. Our savings accounts are known as shares because the money kept in that account represents your share of the entire credit union. Opening up a savings account with Show Me Credit Union means you have a stake in our institution. So start saving for your goals today!

SMCU Share Account Benefits:

When you bank with Show Me Credit Union, you’re part of our family. Rest easy knowing that your savings are with a financial institution you can trust. Our savings accounts come with a wide variety of inherent benefits that our members can take advantage of!

  • Dividends earned quarterly
  • Access to your funds 24/7 through online banking
  • A variety of options for different savings goals
  • Incredible customer service

All funds stored in a smcu share account earn dividends quarterly!

Share (Savings)

Our base savings account, use your credit union share to reach your financial goals.


  • $1.00 minimum deposit to a share account is required to open an account.
  • $1.00 must be kept in the account to retain membership.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer both long-term and short-term share certificates for our members. Earn a high rate of return for your investment!


Save for retirement with our long-term savings options. Open a tradition, Roth, or education Individual Retirement Certificates for an IRA account, rollover, or transfer.

Christmas Club

This unique savings account lets you save all year long for your holiday shopping. Budget appropriately to make buying presents fun instead of stressful!


  • Use payroll deduction to make automatic deposits
  • Earn dividends on your savings
  • Receive a check for the account total each October
Special Shares0.25%
Holiday Shares0.25%
IRA Shares0.25%
HSA Shares0.25%
  • * A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield
  • Offering rates subject to change

We like to think that we offer a different way of managing money

How to Become a Member